Warehouse Operation Equipment

Pick to Light System

Pick to Light System (PTL)- (Wired/Wireless)

Pick to Light (PTL) system is a picking support system that uses light modules. Operators at a factory or distribution center walk to the location where the light module lights up and take out the number of items indicated on the light module. This picking process, which is carried out according to the instructions on the light module, ensures accurate and speedy picking operations.


Projection Picking System (PPS)


Projection Picking System (PPS) applies image processing technology that is flexible enough to accommodate various shapes of rack and shelf configurations. In addition, the built-in error-proofing features can facilitate picking operation in logistics centers and on plant assembly lines. It can also be installed in places where you cannot mount light modules.

Special Features

The worker does not interfere with the projection thanks to Ultra Short Throw PPS Projector.

Shutter Assortment System ( SAS )

Shutter Assortment System ( SAS )

The Shutter Assorting System (SAS) is a small-opening sorting system equipped with the newest light modules with shutters. The system is compatible with both put to light and pick to light, and nearly eliminates sorting mistakes in all cases. The system improves accuracy and efficiency, reduces training costs, and can be used to quantify processes.

Issues & Solutions

Logistics warehousing planning and analysis


Based on our rich experience, we could through site survey, EIQ analysis to find out operating problem, provide The”KAPS WAY”, to help you optimize logistics operations and improve efficiency and quality.